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  • Real Estate
    Real Estate (Investments and Development) The Practice has established itself as a leading expert in Greece with regard to real estate work. Our team successfully represents clients (including banks, investors, developers, super market operators, fashion retailers, oil suppliers and public agencies) in dealings, not only in this country but also in several other jurisdictions in South East Europe and the Middle East, related to the sale and purchase, development, long term lease and concession, property and facility management of various types of real estate properties, including shopping malls, network of retail stores, restaurants and petrol stations, industrial and residential complexes and office buildings
  • Construction and Projects
    Our team has an extensive experience in construction and development projects in Greece and overseas (South East Europe, CEE, Luxembourg and the UK, Jordan, Egypt), including shopping malls and major retail units, office buildings and hotels as well as major infrastructure such as ports, dams and renewable energy (windmills, photovoltaic and heliothermic) parks and project finance work, acting on behalf of the sponsors, the financiers and the constructors. Our work also includes submission of tenders and other front-end work, contract management as well as back-end work, including dispute resolution.
  • Banking and Finance
    The Firm regularly represents several domestic and international credit and financial institutions, including REITs and private equity funds and a leading US trustee bank as well as corporate borrowers in Greece and South East Europe, in work related to corporate finance, investment banking, including underwriting and IPOs, structured and project finance, retail finance (in the automobile sector). We have represented several investment brokers and investment managers as well as listed companies in Greece and overseas. The team is also very experienced in compliance work (KYC, AML, anti-bribery, FCPA etc.), acting for a major US Bank and multinational companies, as well as several offshore companies established in sensitive jurisdictions. Thanks to our deep understanding of their business, our work is not limited to providing typical legal advice to our clients but also allows us to contribute to their strategies and policies.
  • Intellectual Property
    Our information technology work includes drafting and negotiation of sophisticated copyright license and franchise agreements, software development and maintenance agreements acting for leading mobile technology companies, TV broadcasters and telephony providers, international software solution providers, an “open source” international not-for-profit organization, advertising and agencies, major event organizers (such as the 2004 Olympic Games) as well as users of software and other IP protected work, including major retailers, pharmaceutical and FMCG companies, financial institutions, third party logistic companies and public agencies. Our IP team also has a broad experience on registration and defending national, EU and international trademarks and has successfully represented our clients in complex trademark litigation before the Greek and European authorities and Courts for our clients.
  • Labour and Tax
    As we provide comprehensive services to our corporate clients, we have gained valuable experience in labour issues, including advice on TUPE rules, Health and Safety and industrial relations and our dispute resolution team is very experienced in labour disputes. Likewise, in order to ensure that we act as a “one-stop shop” for our clients we provide full services regarding tax and accounting issues and undertake taxation dispute work before the Greek courts.
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